Care Instructions

Care Instructions


General Product Care 

The Zafino Collection is designed in Australia, our pieces are destined to live a long life if they are carefully taken care of. To keep your Zafino pieces looking their best we recommend against wearing your jewellery while bathing and having your jewellery come into any contact with chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, hairspray, and cleaning products as these contain chemicals that can damage the plating. It is advisable to not swim, shower, sleep or play sport whilst wearing your jewellery this is especially important for our gold-plated and silver-plated pieces, which are more prone to oxidation and tarnishing. 

After wear, please ensure jewels are stored in a safe, dry place that is preferably flat and out of direct light, free from moisture and away from any extreme heat. Please ensure each piece is stored separately, to prevent any scratching or rubbing from contact with other jewels. If you need to clean your jewellery, only use non-abrasive cotton or microfiber cloth.

Please follow these care instructions to preserve the longevity of your jewellery and to ensure you get the best out of your purchase!

  • Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals (i.e. perfume, sea water, sweat, moisturiser and chlorine). Consistent contact with these liquids will damage your piece and the plating of jewellery over time.
  • Do not expose your jewellery to humidity (bathrooms and sunrooms) and ensure it is not stored in direct sunlight (please polish your jewellery more frequently if in humid environments)
  • Displaying your jewellery in humid conditions or in cabinets under strong or direct lighting will accelerate tarnishing. Please take care of sterling silver pieces and polish these regularly while on display. 


How to Care for your huggies 

We want you to be able to keep your Zafino huggies for as long as possible! Here are a few quick recommendations for care:

  • Zafino’s huggie earrings are made from 925 Sterling Silver and plated in either 18K Gold or 925 Sterling silver. The Sterling silver base makes the earrings malleable which means that they need to be handled with care. 
  • Due to the metal’s softness your huggies post may become unaligned when taken in and out, in order for your huggie to click into place all that you need to do is carefully adjust the earring post so that it lines up and hooks under
  • 925 Sterling silver is delicate, so treat your piece with love and care! We recommend taking your pieces off while sleeping, swimming, or undertaking any other sporting activities.
  • Please note that your Plated pieces aren’t recommended be worn in water. This will reduce your jewelleries longevity, which is not seen as a manufacturing fault